Organiser: Touch Singapore
Date: 10 Feb – 21 Apr 2018

AAM Advisory League is a touch football league to encourage interaction between local and foreign enthusiasts through a common interest in sports. A total of 90 teams play in different divisions (elite to amateur level) and categories (Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed), and participate in training sessions over 10 weeks. Besides the league, Touch Singapore also runs refereeing and coaching courses, which encourage interaction across teams. On the day of the finals, a buffet dinner will be organised to close the season and encourage support and interaction.

Over the years, many have returned to participate or contribute through coaching and refereeing, as they have developed friendships and emotional attachments in the sports community. The league provides a good platform for participants to interact and bond with other players, referees and coaches from different cultures and backgrounds.

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Last updated on 02 August 2018