Organiser: United Singapore
Date: 6-8 April 2018

United Singapore’s Arts Festival 2018 is a campaign to promote positive messages of unity, friendship and a sense of common future amongst its diverse local and non-local contestants and audiences. A key component of the festival is the second edition of SINGapore - Singing with the Stars, a music concert at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre to promote bonding through the common interest of music. An original composition contest, open to all youths 14 to 21, was held to identify the 8 finalists who will share their stories, identities and origins through their songs based on the themes of integration, unity and identity at the concert.

United Singapore

The festival will end with a screening of local movie Ah Boys to Men 4 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where the cast will also be invited to host a dialogue and share their personal experiences of National Service (NS), as well as how the film has shaped their perception of the importance of integration. Through popular culture, United Singapore aims to reach out to a wider audience on the NS experience, promote conversations on how people from different cultures approach and experience national service, and explore how friendships can be formed despite differences and diversity.

The campaign taps on music, arts and popular culture to promote creative expression and reflection among youths on themes of identity, unity and integration, and encourages people of different backgrounds to bond and interact over shared experiences and commonalities.

Last updated on 22 November 2019