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A make-shift coffeeshop popped up at an open space outside a few eateries in Bishan Junction 8. Loudspeakers boomed the voices of a few “coffeeshop patrons” into the air.

“Have you applied for the Active SG card?”

“You know, people selling on Facebook Live are hurting my business!”

“Did you know Bishan used to be a cemetery?”

What sounded like conversations at neighbourhood “kopi-tiams” (coffeeshops) were lines from “Kopi No Limit”, a theatre production by I-Lien Drama Society. The eight-part series debuted in November 2019 at Bishan Junction 8, and will be staged at different malls in Singapore over a two-year period. 

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In skits lasting 30 to 45 minutes each, actors representing all walks of life gather at a “coffeeshop” to air their views on Singapore’s current affairs, history and heritage.

In the first instalment, a retired Singaporean uncle reminisced about the good old days alongside a “kopi-boy” from China who dreamt of becoming a “coffee king” and a local aunty who wanted to wind down her hawker business to enjoy life.

In a mix of Mandarin, Singlish and local dialects, the characters voiced the different views of a cross-section of society on issues such as ageing, local-foreigner relations, and hawker culture. 

Through the diverse perspectives showcased, the performances   reflect the mix of people, cultures and languages in our society. The dramatised dialogues also illustrate how interaction fosters greater understanding among people from diverse backgrounds.

Join I-Lien Drama Society at their upcoming performances to enjoy a light-hearted take on matters close to every Singaporean’s heart, right in the heartlands of Singapore.

Watch the first part of the series here and look out for the dates of Kopi No Limit’s next live performances at I-Lien Drama Society’s Facebook page.

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Last updated on 22 November 2019