Organiser: Singapore Khalsa Association
Date: 8 – 20 April 2018

Vesakhi Mela is an annual cultural fun fair by the Singapore Khalsa Association to celebrate Sikh heritage and culture in conjunction with the Vesakhi festival, complementing the religious activities in the Sikh templates. The fun fair will showcase Punjabi culture and food, as well as promote integration through dance, music, food, and sports.

Vesakhi Mela

The fun fair will include Punjabi folk dances, singing, a best-dressed competition, cultural exhibits, and games and carnival rides for children. In addition, sports tournaments and telematches will be held at the fair, including competitions in soccer, netball, and hockey. These activities can help facilitate positive social interactions among Singaporeans and immigrants from different backgrounds, regardless of race or religion. 

Vesakhi Mela

Last updated on 02 August 2018