Journey to Singapore

Journey to Singapore

This is a video art project series that makes use of illustrations to tell the stories of people who are living in Singapore, their reflections on their journey of discovery and how they have adapted to the way of life in Singapore. 

Watch the episodes here:

Episode 1 – Helmut

Helmut, 22, originally from Hong Kong, moved to Singapore at a young age. Born with a hearing disability, Helmut narrates the difficulties he has faced with this condition and how the education system in Singapore has helped him. Without the support of the school and teachers, he would not have made it this far. Discover how he overcomes challenges to reach his goals.

Episode 2 – Laila

Laila, 19, was born in Singapore. Catch the full episode to know what Laila thinks of foreigners.

Episode 3 – Chihiro

Chihiro, 17, born in Japan, arrived in Singapore when she was young. As she struggles to adapt to the cultures in Singapore, she is constantly reminded of the importance of her Japanese roots.
As a foreigner, she grapples to find her sense of belonging in Singapore. Watch her inspirational account of her life in a new environment.

Episode 4 – Carey Ou

Carey and her husband first met in China where they both discussed about their applications to the National Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. They both raised that they were of similar age and single, and fell in love with each other. They both were accepted by NTU and journeyed to Singapore together as a couple. After graduation, they got married and about a year later, they had their first child. 3 years later, they had their second child. They are all now Singapore citizens.

Episode 5 – Zie Ferng

Zie Ferng studied in a Singapore secondary school, and owed his sense of welcome to his classmates, whom accepted and assisted him to integrate. From Malaysia, he cherished his education in Singapore and found the 2.4km Fitness test most challenging. He did not serve the Singapore Army while his Singaporean classmates did, and hearing from his friends, he realised that many had matured because of the Army. He hpes to stay in Singapore and carve a career in IT. He learnt independence in Singapore and is appreciative for the opportunities that have been given to him. Zie Ferng draws in his free time, and maybe one day, he may want to publish a comic book.
Last updated on 22 November 2019