Steady Lah!

“Steady Lah!” is a reality TV series that celebrates all things Singaporean. This eight-episode series takes a light-hearted look at how we build community bonds and celebrate diversity, including how foreigners are sinking their roots here.

Each week, Rosalyn Lee and Bobby Tonelli pose challenges to two foreigners to test their knowledge and adaptability to the Singaporean way of life, with participants competing to see who is more “Steady Lah!”. Through the show, viewers can appreciate and learn more about all things and places Singaporean.

Watch the Steady Lah! episodes here!

Episode 1 – Secret gems in Singapore

In this episode, Saras (from India) and Allan (from Norway) become tour guides for a day. Join them as they uncover hidden sights and delights in Balestier, Katong and Chinatown!

Episode 2 – Chicken rice vs nasi biryani ayam

Can you tell your Kopi-O Gao from Kopi-O Siew Dai? And can you whip up a tentalising plate of chicken rice or nasi biryani ayam? Tune in to see how Evelyn (from China) and Mark (from the Philippines) fare when they are put to the test.

Episode 3 – Let’s go dragon-boating

In this action-packed episode, Pansap (from Thailand) and Allan (from Norway) dazzle us with their Zumba dance moves, before heading to the picturesque Kallang River for a very competitive dragon boat challenge.

Episode 4 – Getting out of a prickly situation

Ever tried uprooting cacti? Join Evelyn (from China) and Rosa (from South Korea) as they tackle the thorny challenge in Gardens by the Bay.

Episode 5 – Will you be steady in an emergency?

Do you know how to do CPR? What can you do if you are caught in the middle of a terrorist attack? Patrick (from Thailand) and Vika (from Indonesia) are put to the test. Will they be steady enough?

Episode 6 – Do you wanna be a tiger?

Are you steady enough for the intricate movements of Indian dance or the rhythm and grace of Dikir Barat? Mark (from the Philippines) and Rosa (from South Korea) take on our local performance arts, and go head to head in a public performance in a shopping mall. Who is more steady?

Episode 7 – There’s nothing a smile can’t solve!

Peter (from UK) and Neeraj (from Oman) join Lions Befrienders to spend some time with seniors, helping with household chores, playing games and cooking a simple dish. Who is more steady and how did they  find the experience?

Episode 8 – Jack and Rai’s new Singapore song

Jack and Rai wrote a new song for this and Rozz declared it the best Singapore song she had heard. Watch the season finale of Steady Lah! and let us know what you think.
Last updated on 22 November 2019