Who is Towkay Tan? He’s the main character in the short film “Reunion”, and runs a coffee shop with the help of Ah Biao, a kopi kia (“coffee boy” in Hokkien) from China. On Lunar New Year’s eve, Towkay Tan worries about leaving the shop during the festive period in the hands of Ah Biao, who struggles with understanding the local kopitiam lingo.

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“Reunion” invites Towkay Tan–and us–to see from another perspective. The short film is the highlight of #WhyBeTowkayTan, a campaign kickstarted by local video agency Sproud to encourage audiences to take a step back and consider someone else’s point of view, which can build mutual trust and improve interactions with others who may be from different backgrounds, cultures, or nationalities.

2017 saw a #WhyBeTowkayTan new short film, “The Leader”, which continue to explore the topic of social integration at the workplace.

In addition to the short films, #WhyBeTowkayTan compiles stories of people living in Singapore, showing that while there are diverse communities in our multicultural society, we also have much in common.

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Last updated on 14 November 2019